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Feast of Fields 2014

10 Sep

Sunday, September 7th was the 20th annual Feast of Fields event in Metro Vancouver. This year it was held at Wellbrook Winery/Bremner Farms out in Delta, which was a nice change of venue. The tents were a lot more spread out this year, which made things feel a little smaller and not as crowded, which I am definitely a fan of.

A nice improvement this year was that they had plates available for sale at the registration booth. For several years now, my mom and I have kept saying that we needed plates to make our eating and drinking a little less messy and easier to handle. Well, this year my mom brought us plates with the little attachments for our wineglasses, so we didn’t need to buy the ones they were offering. It was very tempting, though, as they were beautiful slabs of wood.


Our funky little plastic plates with the wineglass holders attached.

It’s great that they provide a brochure/map of the venue along with descriptions of everything on offer at the tents – it makes taking notes on your favourite things a little bit easier. However, yet again, it was supremely frustrating that the tents were numbered on the brochure but there were no numbers on the actual tents themselves. I mentioned that last year and I’m mentioning it again this year, because what’s the point of numbering them on paper when there are no numbers in reality? The numbers wouldn’t have to be big or obnoxious, but they would be helpful to have!

Anyway, time to move on to the actual food. Unfortunately I seem to have lost my camera’s battery charger, so I only had the use of my phone. I apologize for the not so great quality of some of these pictures. I’ll hopefully find the charger or will have bought myself a new camera by the time the next event rolls around.

chocolate ganache

Chocolate Ganache with hazelnut, nasturtium and porcini cremeaux from The Pointe @ The Wick Inn


pickled preserves

Pickled preserves from Forage


pork rillete

Pork Rillete from Spencer’s at the Delta Vancouver Suites


potato salad

Cedar smoked potato salad on kale from Exile Bistro


shellfish salad

Summer shellfish salad from Provence Restaurant

This was one of our favourites of the day – the little bites of shrimp, scallops, lobster and other shellfish along with the heirloom tomatoes and spices was a treat for the taste buds!



Salmon bites from Chef Ann Kirsebom’s Gourmet Sauces/BBQ


bacon and eggs

Seafood-style bacon and eggs from Pier 73

Another favourite! These were little bites of heaven. The base was a slice of potato, served with salmon, octopus bacon, pickled garlic and cured salmon eggs. Heavenly!!



Sturgeon shooters in a cucumber cup from Choices Markets


My favourites of the drinks that I tried:

  • Victoria Gin from Victoria Spirits (they served it with a splah of rhubarb juice – wow!!)
  • Old Jalopy Pale Ale from Powell Street Brewery
  • Blueberry Juice from Bremner’s
  • Dark French Roast coffee from Latin Organics
  • Framboise from Elephant Island Orchard Wines


Overall it was another fabulous year at Feast of Fields, and I left sufficiently full and happy, with my taste buds buzzing. My mom and I have gone together for the past 3 years, and I’m already looking forward to next year!

Sneak Feast

16 Aug

Having more free time to spend working on my little site here has been so awesome. One of the immediate benefits was my ability to attend yesterday’s media event called Sneak Feast, which was a preview of the upcoming Feast of Fields event, taking place September 8th. Even better? It was being held at the event’s site, Krause Berry Farms, which is in my neighbourhood. I’ll admit I was a bit intimidated, as this was my first time at a media event, and I’m not so good at making small talk with people I don’t know. I mostly kept to myself, but tried to talk to several people when I could get up the courage. I’m sure this will become easier as I attend more and more of these events in the future.

Anyway, because I wasn’t coming out from Vancouver, I arrived at the event before the bus did. I met up with two lovely people named George and Lise at Krause’s winery before heading over to the event site at the back of the farm. Unfortunately it was a grey and somewhat rainy day, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of everyone too much.

The event started off with a brief introduction by Nicholas Scapillati, who is the Executive Director of Farm Folk City Folk. He talked a bit about the history of Farm Folk City Folk, and the creation of the Feast of Fields event. This year is the 19th year for the Metro Vancouver event.


One of the most notable things he mentioned was that food has changed more in the past 50 years than in the previous 5,000 (or maybe it was 500. I can’t remember correctly.). Pretty incredible! The Feast of Fields event is a fundraiser for Farm Folk City Folk, but primarily it’s a fantastic opportunity for people to come together, eat some fabulous local food, and meet the farmers and chefs who created it.

There were three tents set up with a nice variety of food and drink for us to try. First up I tried a delicious cracker with goat cheese and spices along with pickled vegetables from Forage. I loved the presentation of these – balanced on small rocks on a plank of wood.


Paired with this were wines from Siren’s Call. I tried their Viognier, which was very nice. I’d never heard of this type of wine before about a month ago, but I’ve found I really enjoy the ones I’ve tried.

Next was a fabulous cornmeal pancake from Whole Foods, topped with salmon cured with bitters, slaw and more. Very tasty!

whole foods

And last, but certainly NOT least, was a fabulous grilled salmon slider with a quinoa salad from Chicha Restaurant:

chicha restaurant

Wow! The taste in that little slider was incredible. It was paired with ciders from Left Field Cider, which was a fantastic pairing. I’ve never been a huge fan of ciders, but I was very impressed by theirs:

left field cider

What makes their cider unique is that they are full juice ciders, meaning they use just apples and don’t add any artificial flavours or juice concentrate. Each crop of apples is different, meaning they’ll never have the same varieties of cider from year to year.

After things wrapped up in the fields, we all hopped into the tractor driven train for a short tour of the farm before heading over to the winery.

krause train

Krause opened their new winery in May of this year, and it’s a gorgeous little building right next to their market. I love the decor in here! We tried a variety of their berry and apple wines, while also sampling some of their berries and local cheeses.

berry wines

The boot shot glasses are awesome!


In the centre is Ted, who looks like he just stepped out of an old timey Western film. LOVE it!

scott perrie

Entertainment for the event was provided by a local musician named Scott Perrie, who will also be performing in September.

All in all, it was a great event, and I’m even more excited about attending again this year. There are still tickets available – be sure to snap yours up before they sell out!