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Brodeur’s Bistro

12 Apr

Earlier this week some friends and I met up for dinner at Brodeur’s Bistro in Abbotsford. I hadn’t been there before, so I was looking forward to checking this place out. They’re located on Mt Lehman Rd, very close to the freeway, but it’s in a little strip mall in a fairly residential area. I’ve driven by there often but had never given it any notice until now.

Brodeur’s menu is quite extensive and their food is done in Montreal/New Orleans style, which is right up my alley. We were there early enough in the evening to take advantage of their “Appy Hour” (3-6pm / 9pm-closing) where you can get any appetizer for $7. The portions are fairly substantial, so it’s an excellent deal! They also have a list of 20 sides that you can get at any time for $4.50.

Some of the items our group tried:


Brodeur’s Style Caesar

A meal in and of itself! Served with celery, bacon, an olive, shrimp, a pickle, and a red item that looked like a small pepper, as well as a plate to put it all on.



Shrimp and Catfish Chowder

There was no discernible shrimp taste, but it was delicious.



Garlic Parmesan fries

Fantastic! The fries were cooked perfectly and the flavour was excellent.



Mississipi Sliders

Great flavour combinations, perfectly cooked



Southern Shrimp Tacos

Seasoned well, loved the hint of cilantro. One small complaint was that the guacamole was visibly brown on top, so it obviously wasn’t too fresh and had been sitting out for some time.


Brodeur’s has two patio areas. One is covered and open to the elements, which probably only gets used in the summer/early fall months. We sat in the glassed patio area and that’s definitely the best spot in the restaurant. The inside area of the restaurant is dimly lit and has a quieter vibe. Although it wasn’t raucous out on the patio, it was obviously much brighter and the atmosphere seemed lighter and more fun. They even have a fireplace and big screen TV’s if you’re interested in watching a game. I definitely recommend sitting in the outdoor areas.

Overall, Brodeur’s gets a hearty two thumbs up from me. This restaurant is definitely worth checking out. I’ll be going back again soon.

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