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Sip ‘n Slurp 2013

17 Nov

Thursday evening was the 4th Annual Sip ‘n Slurp hosted at 1 Fish 2 Fish in Langley. They hold this event every November to celebrate Ocean Wise month and raise awareness about healthy, sustainable seafood. The food this year was prepared by Chef Sean Bone, and the beverages were supplied by Kalala Wines and Four Winds Brewing.

The event was sold out, so the market was packed. The price for the event included everything, so we were able to drink and eat to our heart’s content. My only complaint (and it’s a small one) about this event is that it is so packed in there, and sometimes it’s very difficult to ensure that you get to try everything. I don’t know how this can be fixed in the future, but I do appreciate that the staff tried their best to make sure that the food is evenly distributed between everyone.

Here’s some of what we sampled that evening:

albacore tuna

Seared Albacore tuna on a purple potato


Raw oyster bar. YUM!

rock crab

Rock crab with dill

lifeguard stew

Lifeguard Stew. This had a great kick to it and wonderful flavour.

gnocchi mussels

Gnocchi and Mussels

chef sean

Chef Sean speaking with the guests

oyster fritter

Oyster Fritters


Sturgeon with mint, cilantro and a sauce that I can’t remember, but WOW was this ever tasty!

salmon tataki

Salmon Tataki with arugula and a corn puree. Unfortunately I only got one picture of this and it turned out blurry. I had to include it, though, as the colours on this dish were amazing!

It was a fabulous evening of delicious food and drinks, and I will absolutely be back again next year. I haven’t yet met a type of seafood that I don’t like, so it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to spend an evening eating delicious and beautiful food from the ocean.

I’m still here!

4 Feb

I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 months since I last posted. I’ve definitely neglected this space for way too long. As sometimes happens in the real world, life took over, and I didn’t have much free time. The busy season (work-wise) ended for me at the beginning of January, but since then I’ve been in a huge slump. I got the horrible flu bug that’s been going around, and I’ve just had no inspiration to write, cook much or create anything worthwhile in the past month. It hasn’t been fun.

I’m trying to snap out of it, and I’ve made plans to visit a few new restaurants, take a cooking class and try out some new recipes I’ve discovered, among other things. Hopefully all of these will be inspiring and will translate into more things to share with you in the coming months. Thanks for sticking around, and I hope to be back again soon with some great new content!

Merry Christmas!

15 Dec

I’m headed off on vacation for two weeks, but I hope to quickly pop back with some appy recipes and suggestions a day or two before New Years Eve.  I know that people are always looking for inspiration for their parties, so I’ll hopefully be able to give you some good ideas in advance.  Until then, Merry Christmas!!

Coming soon!

6 May

Welcome to Feast and Fare! Content and information are coming soon – stay tuned!