Feast of Fields 2017

17 Sep

The second Sunday in September is the annual Feast of Fields celebration of local food and wine (and more!) held in the Metro Vancouver area. The location changes each year – last year it was at Laurica Farm in Aldergrove and this year it was held at Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery in Langley. The event was previously held here in 2013 and 2011 as well. I live in the Fraser Valley, so I’ll admit that I was thrilled to have the event so close to my home for the second year in a row.

Krause is an enormous location, and at the back of their property they have a large field area, surrounded by trees, that is used for weddings and other special events like these. It’s the perfect location for a late summer foodie festival, as it has areas in full sun, but there’s also plenty of shade to be found if it turns out to be a hot day (spoiler alert: it did).

This photo was taken at the 2011 Feast of Fields, but this year looked quite similar.

We arrived just before 1pm, and the line to get in was long, but thankfully it moved swiftly. This year there was an ID check before you showed your tickets at the gate, and attendees over the age of 19 were given wristbands. I assume this was to identify them as being able to consume the alcoholic beverages. Smart idea!

My only gripe about this event (I think I mention this every year) is that the tents are numbered on the programs, but not on the tents themselves. Why bother numbering the tents if you aren’t going to actually put the numbers on them? Yes, there is a map in the program that shows where each tent is on the property, but it would help enormously if the tents had numbers on them somewhere too. There could be numbered flags flying from the top, or signs hung on each corner or hung from the middle inside – there are many possibilities! It wouldn’t take much effort to do, and would provide a lot of clarity. Just my two cents.

This year there were a lot more alcoholic drinks than food, which resulted in long lineups for the food, especially for two items in particular.

The first long lineup we encountered was for Lebanese food from a restaurant called Jamjar in Vancouver. Their dish was fantastic – it was a base of spinach dip and hummus, topped with deep fried cauliflower and a falafel. Definitely worth the wait!

The next big lineup was for TUC Craft Kitchen. Their dish was a Miso flat iron steak with soft shell crab on a bed of mashed potatoes. WOW!!! I’m a huge fan of soft shell crab, so this was a wonderful treat. I couldn’t believe how huge the portion was!

One of my other favourite dishes was albacore tuna from Spencer’s at the Delta Hotel in Vancouver. Tuna is one of my favourite forms of seafood (although I haven’t yet found anything from the sea that I do not enjoy), and this was fantastic. I confess I went back several times to get more!

An unfortunate byproduct of this event being held in the countryside was the incredible number of wasps everywhere. My mom got stung on her finger, but thankfully she was able to get ice on it right away and the First Aid attendants were able to help her relatively quickly as well. We heard lots of chatter about this and it seems like a lot of people got stung, which is too bad.

Overall it was an excellent event as always. I only took a few pictures of the food this year, but I think I enjoyed it more as a result. Sometimes it’s good to put away the phone/camera and just enjoy the experience.

The 2018 date or location hasn’t been officially announced yet, but wherever it happens, I plan to be there!

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