Chef’s Plate

20 Jul

Lately there has been a rise in popularity of companies who deliver pre-packaged meals to you at your house. The ingredients are all measured out for you. All you have to do is combine them together and cook away. I’d heard about these before but had never looked into them until recently.

I have ad-blockers on my computer at home, so I’ll admit that I only saw this ad because I was looking at Facebook from my work computer (shhh!). It was an ad for Chef’s Plate, giving you your first two plates for free. That definitely intrigued me (I’m all about free stuff!), so I checked them out. They recently started delivering to cities in Western Canada, hence the discount by clicking that link.

In Canada they have two options right now: the two person plan or a family plan. For each plan, you can choose between 2, 3 or 4 recipes per week. The price adjusts accordingly, but most plans have free shipping. The price per serving is also extremely reasonable (around $10). Each week you have a choice between a number of meals – the 2 person plan has the larger number of options to choose from.

Getting started is extremely fast and simple, and you can customize the delivery (and the types of food you’re offered) based on your preferences. You’re also able to skip shipments if you’ll be away or just aren’t interested in the menu options that are available that week – there’s no penalty and no limit to the amount of times you can skip. I really like that flexibility – I have a vacation coming up soon, plus there was a week where none of the menu options were appealing, so it was great to be able to skip those particular weeks.

I’ve received 3 weeks’ worth of food now and have been impressed every single time. The food has been unique, delicious and as far as I can tell, quite healthy too. Because I’m a one-person household, I’ve found that each meal has provided me enough food for the dinner, plus the next day’s lunch and sometimes another dinner as well. Fantastic!

Here are some of the meals that I’ve enjoyed so far:

turkey sausage pasta

Turkey Sausage Pasta

I really liked the noodles – they were very tender and the chives in them added a nice burst of flavour. The sausage was fantastic – moist and not overly turkey-y. I also liked that it wasn’t overly heavy.

chicken potatoes

Chicken and Smashed Potatoes

The chicken was moist and juicy and some of the most flavourful chicken I’ve ever had. I liked that the potatoes had spinach in them – my mom always added extras to our mashed potatoes, so I’m well used to having slightly healthier potatoes.


Chicken Chimichangas

Despite slightly burning the tortillas, this was definitely a favourite! The mixture inside (chicken, tomatoes, onions, spices, mashed beans and guacamole) was very interesting. I wasn’t too fond of the guac, though – I make a much better version myself. This lasted for 4 meals, so I definitely got my money’s worth!


Primavera Pizza

I have a super temperamental oven and don’t bake very often as a result, so I was a bit nervous about pre-baking the crust before adding the toppings. I watched it carefully, and it ended up turning out great. The toppings were heirloom tomatoes, portobello mushrooms, red onions, eggplant, sweet peppers, spinach, oregano and red chilli flakes. Very interesting flavours!


The shipments have all been sent via FedEx, which has been good given the tenuous situation at Canada Post right now, and the boxes are neatly packaged with bio-degradable packaging and a natural ice substitute at the bottom that keeps the food cool all day. Definitely a bonus for me, as I don’t get home until around 5pm most weekdays.


At the top of the box are your packing list, the menu cards (which are colourful and provide step by step directions along with pictures), and one or two other ad type cards.

Once you open the little lid, you see your meal kits, all packaged neatly in their own separate bags. The organizer in me was thrilled when I saw this for the first time!



inside the kit

The ingredients for one of the meals

Below your meal kit bags are the ice packages and then your fresh meat and fish.

meat fish

All in all I’ve been very impressed with Chef’s Plate so far, and I highly recommend them. As a bonus for you – if you click this link and sign up, you’ll get your first 3 plates for FREE! That’s a better deal than what I got through Facebook! In the interests of full disclosure, if you order through that link, I’ll get two free plates for myself. It’s a win-win situation!

If you decide to try it out, let me know what you think!

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