Dine Out 2014

11 Jan

I’ve had some people finding my site lately through searches related to Dine Out. Since my last post on that is from 2 years ago, I figured I’d do a little update for this year.

Dine Out Vancouver is “a 17 day calendar of culinary events and dozens of hotel options to create your own delicious dining experiences.” The festival started in 2002, and it’s a chance for diners to try a new restaurant and enjoy a 3 course meal. This year the festival runs from January 17 – February 2. There are three price levels: $18, $28 and $38, so there’s something for everyone! I’ve tried many different restaurants over the years, and it’s fabulous.

Since this is a Vancouver-based event, there’s only one restaurant participating in the Fraser Valley – The Keg in Langley. While The Keg is a decent chain restaurant, I don’t feature chain restaurants on this site.

The Fraser Valley has a wealth of fabulous restaurants, so it’s a shame that this area doesn’t have a similar festival. If there IS such a festival, it hasn’t ever been on my radar. It would be such a great opportunity for the local restaurants (especially those who source all their ingredients locally) to participate and encourage diners to eat locally.

If you’re going to the festival this year, happy dining! And here’s to hoping that maybe we’ll have a Fraser Valley festival in 2015.

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