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Hotties Mobile Pasta Bar

12 Aug

Food trucks have always fascinated me. Whenever I’m in downtown Vancouver, I always make it a point to check at least one out if I can, since they have such a fabulous (and wide) variety of them.

Not that long ago, I went to the Langley Community Farmers Market to pick up some produce, and I noticed Hotties Mobile Pasta Bar. The name immediately caught my interest. It was relatively close to dinner time and I hadn’t had time to eat lunch that day, so I was starving.  I love the look of their trailer – it’s not your standard boring food cart – they have wood paneling on the walls and several places to sit – both on the cart itself and on cute little tables and chairs beside it.

food truck

They also have a great selection of pastas (made fresh!) that you can order, all for a very reasonable price. I had a chance to talk with two of the staff members working there while I waited for my food to cook, and they were super friendly and willing to engage with their customers, which is always awesome.

Hotties has been in business for over a year, and they travel all over the Lower Mainland to participate in farmer’s markets, other events and they even do catering. I really should have asked about the inspiration for the name, because it made me laugh. Before I saw their website, I’ll admit to having a rather interesting time googling them, despite all my precautions. Maybe that’s on purpose?! 😉

I ordered the Fettuccine Pomodoro, and it was fabulous! The pasta was cooked to perfection and the tomatoes were delicious. I loved the pop of flavour that the basil provided. Plus, it just looked so pretty!


Hotties is definitely a food cart worthy of checking out. They post their schedule on their website (as well as on social media), and they’ll be back at the Langley Farmers Market this Wednesday.