Farmers’ Feast at Krause Berry Farm

15 Jul

Today was the 8th annual Farmers’ Feast out at Krause Berry Farm. I’ve written about the farm before here. I’ve never been to this event before, but based on what I saw today, I’ll definitely be adding this to my calendar for next year.

The event is a chance for local farms and vendors to get more exposure in the community, which is great. There were about 10 vendors set up in front of the market area, and most of them were giving out free samples of their cheese, chocolate, sausages, cake, wine and more. There was live music playing on their little stage in one of the eating areas, plus a man on violin who was wandering through the crowds, and lots of activities for kids. Despite the cloudy weather, the mood was festive and the place was hopping!


I made a fabulous new discovery with one of the samples – a Cranberry Melomel wine from Campbell’s Gold. I’d never tried a honey/fruit wine before, and was pleasantly surprised. It was so delicious and refreshing, and would be perfect for a hot summer evening. I’ll definitely be dropping by their store soon to pick up a few bottles.

I was at the farm at around 11am (when the event started), because I wanted to spend some time picking berries in their u-pick fields. The place was busy, but I managed to find a quiet section and picked to my heart’s content. It’s raspberry season right now, and I definitely suggest you come to Krause with your family to pick your own berries!

As I was leaving (after 12pm), I had to laugh at the amount of cars in the parking lot – the place was filled to overflowing, and people were parking on the side of the road for about a block near the farm. The event wasn’t even half over at that point, but the place was extremely busy. It made me grateful that I live within walking distance, so I don’t need to drive to the farm.

If you’re planning to go to the event next year, I definitely suggest getting there early, if you can, as parking will be VERY minimal as the afternoon goes on. I was surprised (and pleased) that so many people showed up despite the clouds and thunderstorms in the forecast. It’s a great event!

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