Tip n Taste

7 Jul

Last night was the Tip ‘n Taste event at the Coast Hotel and Convention Centre in Langley. I’d never been to this location before, but it’s a fabulous place and was perfect for an event like this.

I tried to round up some friends to come with me, but unfortunately nobody was available. I think that made a big difference in my enjoyment of the event. I always feel super self-conscious and awkward when I’m on my own at events, so I didn’t stay for very long. There wasn’t any point in hanging out once my sample tokens were gone.

When I bought my ticket to the event, either this notice wasn’t up on their website, or I totally missed seeing it, but I was surprised to find out when I checked in that the cost of the event only included 3 drink tickets and 3 food tickets. You could buy extra tickets for an additional cost, but I wasn’t about to spend extra money. So I ended up being a bit disappointed in that. At all the other food and wine/beer events that I’ve been to, there isn’t a limit on what you can sample. I hadn’t planned to go hog-wild on the samples, but I assumed I’d be able to try whatever I wanted to. I walked around the ballroom and looked extensively at each table, so I could determine which samples were worthy of my 6 tickets.

I didn’t take an official count, but I’m pretty sure there were about 25 booths in the ballroom. Most of them were around the perimeter, along with a few in the middle of the room. There were several breweries and wineries, along with tables where people served samples of beer/coolers that you can find anywhere. There were about 10 food stalls serving food like pizza, filled pitas, smoked salmon, turkey sausages, cheese, cupcakes and so on.

The most impressive food sample I tried was from Rockford, which I’ve reviewed here. They were serving a turkey burger slider that was so delicious! It had: “sundried cranberries, roasted garlic aioli, tomato jam, brie and arugula on our signature golden top mini buns.” I looked at their online menu to confirm the components of the slider, and apparently it’s only available at their West Broadway location, which is unfortunate. Hopefully they’ll be available at the Langley location soon! They also gave me a coupon for a free beer at their restaurant, so I’ll definitely be going back there for a meal very soon. Great way to drum up more business for the restaurant!

My favourite beer was from Stanley Park Brewery, and I had their Noble Pilsner. I never knew that there was a brewery there, despite living in West Vancouver for 10 years and spending considerable time throughout my life at the Park. The beer was light and refreshing, and I’ll be definitely adding it to my regular rotation of beers.

That’s the thing I love about events like these – trying out food/beers/wines that I never would have otherwise, and making great new discoveries. I’m always hesitant (especially with beers) to buy a whole six-pack of something I’ve never had before, in the off chance that I won’t like it. At these events I make it a point to sample different things so I can expand my food and drink horizons.

Anyway, the event was excellent, but I’m not sure if I’ll be back next year. I much prefer to go to events where everything is included in the price, so I don’t feel restricted in what I’m able to try. If I do come back, I’ll bring a group of friends so that we can pool our food and drinks and try a bit more than three samples.

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