The Vault in Cloverdale

26 Apr

Recently I went to a restaurant in Cloverdale called The Vault.  I’d been there once before about a year ago, but that was for dinner. This time a friend and I had lunch. I really love the look of the restaurant. It has high ceilings with wooden beams, and there’s a big mishmash of decor on the walls.  I’m pretty sure that the restaurant’s name comes from the fact that there is an actual vault at the back of the place that people can be seated in.  We were there at a reasonable hour for lunch, but the place was pretty empty.  The time I was here for dinner, there was a band playing on their small little stage, so the place was packed and LOUD.  It’s a great place for a meal or for drinks and snacks, but if you’re there on a night with live music, don’t expect to be able to hear conversation easily.

I ordered the soup of the day, which was supposedly a Scallop Chowder.  I’m not sure if I misheard the waitress, or it actually WAS what I heard, but it really didn’t taste like it.  That’s not to say that the chowder wasn’t tasty, because it was.  There were chunks of potato, vegetables, bacon, and I think I tasted one clam, but it was hard to say.  There weren’t any scallops as far as I could tell, though.  I wasn’t too disappointed since the flavour was great.

For my main course I had the BLT with truffle fries.  The bread was fresh and delicious, but I wasn’t too fond of the grainy mustard mayo. The flavour somewhat overpowered the sandwich.  The bacon was phenomenal, though.  It was crunchy and tasty, and was definitely high quality.  I was a bit disappointed by the truffle fries.  The flavour didn’t add much to the fries, and wasn’t really worth the additional cost.  Despite my few disappointments, it was a great lunch for a fairly reasonable price.

My friend had the Grilled 9 oz Sirlion with a salad and yam fries.  The steak was cooked perfectly and had a slight seasoning of salt and peppercorns.  She really enjoyed the salad, and liked the fact that the dressing was tasty yet didn’t overpower and drench the greens.

The Vault is open daily for lunch from 11 – 3, drinks and snacks from 3 -4:30pm and for dinner starting at 4:30pm.  Reservations are recommended.

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