Tawara Japanese in Surrey

27 Mar

I love sushi, and recently I had the opportunity to try a restaurant I’d never been to before.  Tawara Japanese is a small but excellent sushi restaurant in the Panorama Village complex on 152 St and Highway 10 (56 Ave) in Surrey.

On one side of the restaurant are 3 booths, while the other side is more open seating, as is the centre of the restaurant.  The ceiling is very high, which allows a lot of light to shine through, especially when it’s a sunny day (like one of the days I ate there was).  I loved the contrast between the dark wood of the chairs and tables and the bright white walls.  The staff is very welcoming and friendly, and the service is fast and efficient, even during the lunch hour rush.

For my first visit, I thought I’d try out a bento box, as that’s an excellent and affordable way of trying out a bunch of their menu items.  I had the Dynamite Roll box.  Each bento box comes with:

  • Miso soup – Had nice flavour and big pieces of seaweed, which I enjoyed.
  • Rice – I never got this for some reason, but that’s okay because I had MORE than enough food as it was.
  • Tempura – Very crisp, piping hot and not greasy at all.  The prawn was HUGE, which was a nice treat.
  • Daily special – I’m unsure what it was that day, but it was warm & delicious. Tuna, maybe?
  • Salad – I love Japanese salad dressings – they always have such unique flavours.  Theirs definitely had ginger and poppy seeds in it.
  • Fruits – Orange slices, which are kinda hard to mess up.

When taking my order, the waitress asked if I wanted fish eggs or not.  I didn’t know what she meant by that and was too embarrassed to ask her to elaborate, so I said no.  A woman sitting next to me had the same thing but WITH fish eggs. When her platter came I noticed there were fish eggs on her Dynamite Roll, which I would have enjoyed.  Oh well – now I know for the next time!

I took a picture of the meal on my cell phone, but when I went to go retrieve it, it had mysteriously disappeared! You’ll just have to take my word for it that it looked (and tasted) fabulous.

The second time I went I decided to try a different roll – one that I’d never had before.  I got the Red Dragon Roll, which is spicy tuna, deep fried prawn inside; smoked salmon, seared tuna on the top with peanut-mayo, wasabi-mayo & Japanese plum sauce.

The flavours in this roll were incredible.  The tuna was definitely spicy, which was nice.  I enjoy spicy things, but sometimes I find that restaurants call things spicy which turn out to be NOT spicy at all.  This one had PLENTY of bite!  The inside of the roll was pretty much like a Dynamite roll, but the additions on the outside and the sauces on the plate kicked it up a notch.  The heat of the spicy tuna and the wasabi mayo definitely made me grateful for the soothing cup of green tea to calm my burning mouth down.  The plum sauce on the side was so interesting – I’ve never tasted anything like that before.  It was sweet and tasted of plums, but definitely had a bit of a punch to it.

Tawara is open for lunch on weekdays from 11:30am – 3:00pm, and for dinner Monday to Saturday from 4:30 – 10:00pm.  I can definitely recommend this as a great place for sushi if you’re in that area.

Tawara Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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