The weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten

21 Mar

I recently applied for a fantastic job as a food blogger in Richmond for a year. It’s my dream job, and I’m excitedly waiting to (hopefully) hear that I’m a finalist! One of the questions that I had to answer for my application was “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?” What a great question, and a fabulous conversation starter!

I’ve eaten a few strange things in my life so far, and no doubt will have opportunity for more. Four years ago I went to South Africa for a few weeks. We had North American food maybe once or twice, but mainly we were fed typical South African fare. Our dinners were always the most interesting. We would often ask them not to tell us what we were eating until after the meal was over, because we knew we might be a little bit uneasy about eating some things.

I was surprised to find that I enjoyed almost everything, even after finding out what it was. There was almost always a meat of some sort, and I know for sure that we ate wildebeest (it tasted similar to regular beef). One night we had ostrich, which was a bit more obvious, because the portions of meat were SO huge that we were definitely NOT eating chicken. 😉

By far the weirdest (and most delicious) delicacy I tried was crocodile. At the end of our stay in the country, we spent a day and a half on safari at a game lodge. We were there for just one night, and after our safari drive for the evening was over, there was a HUGE buffet meal for all the lodge’s guests with an insane amount and variety of food. One of the dishes was crocodile, which was served on a skewer. I was definitely interested, but also a little bit leery. One of my friends brought up a good point that this was a once-in-a-lifetime trip, so I should try the crocodile since I had the opportunity. I did, and was pleasantly surprised! It was perfectly cooked, had great flavour, and it had the appearance and texture of a cross between chicken and fish. Not bad!

Since then I’ve become a LOT more adventurous when it comes to food, and have a much more open mind. I’m willing to give anything a try – you never know what could happen! Crocodile isn’t something I’ve had since then, but should the opportunity ever present itself again, I know it’s something I won’t mind eating!

I’d love to know – what’s the weirdest thing YOU’VE ever eaten?!

One Response to “The weirdest thing I’ve ever eaten”

  1. god bless her cotton socks March 21, 2012 at 7:54 pm #

    I’ve eaten alligator too–it really does taste like chicken, doesn’t it?

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