Happycakes in Surrey

8 Feb

Happycakes is a cupcake shop in Surrey, on the corner of Fraser Hwy and 68th Ave.  It’s in the relatively new set of little strip malls in that area.  They’ve been there since October, and seem to be doing fairly well.  They recently had a Groupon, and since I was going to be driving in that direction a few times in the past week, I decided to treat myself to some cupcakes.

With my deal I got 6 of their regular cupcakes, so I chose 2 Peanut Butter Supreme (back), Red Velvet, Chocolate Delight, Vanilla Sprinkle (middle) and Pretty n Pink (front).  These cupcakes are fabulous!

The Peanut Butter Supreme is a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting and chocolate sprinkles. Peanut butter and chocolate is probably the best combination on the face of this earth, so it’s hard to go wrong with that.  The Chocolate Delight is simply that – delightful and perfect for the chocoholic in your life.  I was so impressed with the Red Velvet.  I’ve had this flavour before from other bakeries, and didn’t like it so much.  This one was PHENOMENAL!  The cupcake was light and moist (and turned my teeth a lovely shade of reddish-pink), and the frosting complimented it perfectly.  The Pretty n Pink was fantastic as well.  Chocolate is my favourite, so I wasn’t anticipating loving the vanilla cupcakes as much as I did, but Happycakes makes a MEAN vanilla cupcake!

They also sell filled cupcakes, which sound (and look) AMAZING!  I’ll definitely have to try some of those in the future.  This is a great cupcake shop, and I highly recommend giving them a try if you’re looking for some excellent cupcakes.  You can find them on Facebook, as their website has never been accessible any time I’ve tried to look it up (using various browsers) in the last week or so.

HappyCakes on Urbanspoon

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