Rockford Wok Bar and Grill in Langley

29 Jan

Last week I went out for dinner at the Rockford Wok Bar and Grill.  It opened in Langley a few months ago on the corner of Willowbrook Dr and 197 St (in the building where Moxie’s used to be).  I’d heard about them at a wine and beer tasting event that I went to in the fall, and had meant to check them out eventually.  Finally I got the chance.

The restaurant is very open and spacious, and I think it’s bigger than what Moxie’s was.  The atmosphere is great – there are huge white lamps that hang from the ceiling, and the dark brown wood looks great in contrast.  They have a bar/lounge area as well as a dining room, so if you’re looking to watch a game while you eat, the bar is definitely good for that.

The menu is really interesting.  They have a wide variety of food to choose from, and everything sounded so delicious.  Our group started off with the Steamed Edamame.

I’ve had this dish many times before, but this was one of the better servings of it.  The edamame was steamed perfectly, so it was very easy to pop the soybeans out.  There was just enough salt to give it a bit of flavour.

For my entrée I had a hard time deciding.  I was thinking about getting the Ramen Noodle Bowl, but ended up with the Mushroom Chicken: pan seared double breast in a crimini mushroom cream, with broccoli, fresh basil, grape tomatoes and spinach on garlic mash.

The colours were so vibrant and beautiful in this dish!  The chicken was perfectly cooked and the garlic mashed potatoes were probably the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had in a restaurant.  However, there was something left to be desired by the mushroom cream.  The flavour was very light and subtle, but it could have used a bit more oomph.  My dad had this dish as well, and we both spent some time trying to figure out what would have made the flavour better – maybe wine, butter, more mushrooms?  We couldn’t decide.  This was a great dish, but the cream was a bit on the boring side.

My mom decided to have the Bacon & Blue Cheese Burger, which she really enjoyed.  She commented that there was a LOT of blue cheese (not a bad thing).  The flavours were good, and she loved the picked cucumbers.

Instead of fries she got the Rockford Greens, and she thought the grapefruit-ginger vinaigrette had a unique and delicious taste.  She mentioned that the burger was a bit dry, but overall it was excellent.

We were sitting right near this huge circular table that seats 10 and has a Lazy Susan in the middle, which makes it perfect for sharing.

The bathrooms are pretty cool too.  There’s a fireplace and even a TV, so that you won’t miss a minute of the game! 😉

I really liked the vibe in here, and our server was attentive and put up with our table’s weird quirks very nicely.  I’ll definitely be back again!

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