Azul in Aldergrove

7 Dec

Last night a friend and I went for dinner at Azul in Aldergrove.  Neither of us had been there before, and I was looking forward to trying something new.  I looked up a bunch of reviews, and everything I read was positive, so I had a great feeling.

The restaurant is on the corner of 270 St and Fraser Hwy in Aldergrove.  It’s fairly decent in size, and there’s a lot of open space.  Most of the seating is in booths, which have extremely high and straight backs, so you have a bit of privacy from the people dining around you.  They have several large flat-screen TV’s in the corners of the restaurant, as well as some right up at the bar, so it seems like it’s a great place for watching the hockey game or any other sporting event.

Unfortunately both of us were left a bit disappointed.  The service was fine, but the food was mostly uninspiring.  I started out with the skillet of garlic mushrooms, which was the best thing I ate that night.  They were perfectly cooked and tasted fabulous.  I’m on a huge mushroom kick at the moment, so these were right up my alley.  For only $4.99, I was pleasantly surprised at how enormous the plate was.

Please excuse the crummy picture quality.  I forgot to bring my camera, so I had to resort to using my phone.

For my main course I had the Lemon Pepper Halibut.  The plate was unfortunately quite a disappointment. The portion of halibut was fairly small, it was overcooked and dry and it tasted more like salt & pepper halibut.  I suppose I could have squeezed the lemon wedges over the halibut, but I assumed the lemon flavour would already be in the fish. The sauteed veggies were okay (the broccoli was the best), and the plain cabbage (which I suppose they were trying to pass off as coleslaw) was just confusing.  The garlic mashed potatoes were pretty good, though.

There weren’t a lot of people in the restaurant, but we left just as the Canucks game was starting, so maybe more people showed up to eat and watch the game.  They have a fabulous sounding menu with great prices, but I think they probably specialize in the more pub-style selections.  My friend had the Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, and she was disappointed in her dish as well.

My overall impression was “meh” (Simpsons reference).  Maybe it was an off night for the kitchen, since everything I’d read about their food was so positive, but I wasn’t too thrilled.  If I make a return visit, I’ll definitely be sticking to the appys or burgers, in the hopes that those would be better than the entrees we tried last night.
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