Wendel’s in Fort Langley

11 Nov

This morning I went to Wendel’s for breakfast.  I had a Groupon that was expiring soon, and I didn’t want that to go to waste.  I’ve eaten breakfast there before, but it’s always been after I’ve run the Fort to Fort trail with my running group, so I’d usually choose a super healthy option (fruit plate, oatmeal, etc.).  Today I was in the mood for something extra tasty and comforting, especially since the weather was so horrible.

(image courtesy of the Wendel’s website)

The cafe is in Fort Langley, which is a cute little neighbourhood.  There are a lot of shops and restaurants in the area, and Fort Langley is a historical site, so there’s plenty to see and do within walking distance.  The cafe is also home to an independent bookstore, so it’s a perfect place to spend a few hours, especially if you’re looking for some great reading material.

This morning the place was packed, so I didn’t take any pictures of the inside.  It’s a holiday today, so that probably explained why the place was so busy.  I normally go on Saturday mornings, so I wasn’t expecting the place to be so busy.  Despite the crush of people, the staff were friendly and happy, which is always nice to see.

Even though there were a large amount of people there, I was able to find a seat easily.  I was pleasantly surprised that my meal came so quickly – the kitchen team is definitely efficient!  I ordered the Classic Eggs Benedict.

The eggs were perfectly poached, which I don’t often experience when ordering Eggs Benedict in restaurants.  The eggs tend to be either super runny or over-cooked, but these were fantastic.  The yolks were just slightly runny but firm enough for my liking.  The hollandaise was great as well – it was flavourful and there was plenty of sauce.  The potatoes were piping hot and seasoned well.  My only complaint with the meal was the watermelon.  I thought it was strange to see watermelon on my plate in November – it’s not exactly in season at the moment.  The rind didn’t look that great, and the slice was a little bit mushy.  But that’s a very small issue to have.  Overall it was a great (and filling) meal for a very reasonable price.

Wendel’s serves breakfast from 7:30-11:30am (12:30pm on weekends).  They also have lunch and dinner menus, so you can drop by for a book and a meal/snack until they close at 10pm.

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