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Feast of Fields event

13 Sep

On Sunday I went to Feast of Fields over at Krause Berry Farm.  It was a fabulous day for an event – it was sunny and WARM!  I was able to meet up with some friends there, which was nice.  I’m sure I would have had an excellent time on my own , but it was great to share the experience with people I knew.

The event was held in the back field of the farm area, which was MUCH bigger than I had anticipated it would be.


There were 10 large tents in the field, and each tent had at least two restaurants and two wineries with samples of their food and drink to try.  It was very well thought out, since the food that was offered was well paired with the wines that were right next to it.  So you could stand in line for your food, then get a sample of wine right next door to enjoy with your food.

The food there was INCREDIBLE!  So many delicious samples, some of them being impressively large.  I took pictures of most of the food I tried, but just grabbed cards for the wines/beers, since I wasn’t really interested in taking pictures of wine bottles and labels.

Market Silk spice crusted BC Albacore tuna, Yuzu marinated cucumber and melon, Strawberry balsamic reduction from Edible Canada

Roasted Portabello mushroom, sunrise smoked tofu, black pepper and and basil on Double Happiness wonton crisp from Wild Rice

Cherry Marnier Callebaut Chocolate Mousse with Local Hazelnut Crisp from Chef Ann Kirsebom’s Gourmet Sauces (one of my favourites from the event)

Don’t remember the exact name, but this was a dried tomato, with some sort of white cheese, a corn salsa and a corn chip. Can’t remember who made it either, but it was very tasty.

Local and sustainable seafood cold marinated in fresh tangerine, habanero and citrus juices with pickled chayote and served on organic blue corn tostada from Lolita’s Cantina (another favourite – this was UNBELIEVABLE!)

Baked beet crisp with sweet onion-fennel tzatziki from Aphrodite’s Organic Cafe

Sloping Hills Farm ham hock terrine served on belgian endive with sauce gribiche from Raincity Grill

Yarrow duck confit pizette from Vancouver Club.  I couldn’t believe how big the portions of this were! Very delicious.

Roasted BC Salmon, BLT sliders with Tiroler bacon, Hazelmere Organic Farm’s greens, tomatoes, pickled red onion, chili bean mayo on a brioche bun from EBO Restaurant (definite winner here – the salmon and bacon combo was KILLER!)

Ceviche of Organic Ocean Pink Salmon from Slow Food Vancouver

Caramel apple tarts from Cocolico

Heirloom tomato soup in a tomato bun. Don’t remember which restaurant this was from, as they weren’t listed in the program, unfortunately.

Two Rivers Meats’ Fraser Valley pork bangers and mash from Savoury City Catering. Such a clever presentation!

Mushroom and duck risotto from Federico’s Supper Club (preparation stages)

Chocolate ganache with raspberries. VERY tasty!

Tequila cured wild sockeye salmon, vegetable ceviche from Go Fish! Vancouver. Loved the guys at this tent – they were hilarious. This skewer was unbelievably tasty as well. Another favourite from the event.

There were so many other unbelievable things available for sampling, but these were my favourites.  I was SO full by the end, and I hadn’t sampled everything, but that’s okay.  I’m definitely looking forward to next year’s event.  It’s a great chance to try some incredible food and wine from the Lower Mainland, and spend a gorgeous September afternoon with friends in the outdoors.

My favourite cookbook

10 Sep

I own only a few cookbooks, but I wanted to tell you about my favourite one at the moment – Whitewater Cooks at Home (only available online from Chapters at the moment).

Over the past year I’ve made (or helped to make) many of the recipes in this book, and I can say for certain that each and every one I’ve tried is fabulous.  I’ve made them at home and/0r at my parents’ camp for a variety of occasions.

Prosciutto and Basil Wrapped Prawns

Crudites with a Nutty Miso Dipping Sauce

(this was what was leftover after guests had eaten – couldn’t get a picture beforehand)

Chicken Skewers with Rum and Pepper Paint

Goat Cheesee and Sun-dried Tomato Terrine

There are so many fabulous sounding recipes in here, and I plan on making many more of them in the coming months. The book is gorgeously laid out with beautiful photographs of the food.  If you’re looking for inspiration for your kitchen, this is definitely a book worth checking out.