Seasonal 56

28 Aug

Sorry for the little break there between posts.  I went away on vacation for a bit, and it was nice to almost totally disconnect from the internet and real life, and just relax.  But now that I’ve returned, it’s back to business as usual.


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to Seasonal 56, which is a fantastic restaurant in the Aldergrove area. A friend and I get together for a nice meal out every few months or so, and since she had a Groupon she needed to use for this place, I happily agreed to her suggestion (I paid full price for my meal).

The restaurant is on 56th, near the Hwy 1 exit for 264th St.  It’s in a very unusual location – the area is fairly industrial, and as far as I know, this is the only restaurant in that neighborhood.  However, it makes good business sense for them to be located there.  As their chef writes on the blog portion of their website, there are several reasons why they are where they are: It keeps the costs of their entrees down (since they’re closer to their suppliers), they’re close to the freeway, and they are able to have a bigger kitchen.  Makes sense to me!

Seasonal 56 uses all fresh, local and seasonal foods, so their menu is constantly changing.  After I left, I lamented the fact that I didn’t take a picture of the menu that night, as pretty much everything sounded so fantastic.  It was so hard to decide what to eat!

As we were mulling our options over, I had a Champagne cocktail. Mmm!

I was feeling rather ravenous that night, so I decided to have an appetizer.

The mushroom soup is fantastic!  I’ve been eating mushrooms a lot lately, and this soup used them excellently.  Even if there hadn’t been mushroom chunks in there, the base alone would have been phenomenal.  Very creamy and flavourful.

For my main course I went with the salmon dish.

The combination of cherries and pinot noir was different but excellent.  The chard and potatoes below were cooked in a bacon saute (I believe – I didn’t write it down at the time), and the flavour and crunchiness of the almost burnt bacon added SO much awesomeness to the chard.

At this point I was pretty full, but the dessert selection sounded so tempting that I had to splurge.

The chocolate was rich and decadent, and I couldn’t finish it all.

We were there on a gorgeously sunny night, so there was only one other table in use at the time.  I felt so bad for them, as the food was absolutely unbelievable, but business was so slow.  In talking with the owners as we were leaving, they said that they’re normally quite busy, so that was reassuring to know.  With the summer we’ve had here this year, I’m not surprised people were outside and taking advantage of the sun while it lasted.

I highly recommend visiting Seasonal 56, as it’s very easy to get to from the freeway.  The food and service are impeccable, and I will definitely be returning again sometime soon.

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