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Berries berries berries!

23 Jul

I love berries.  Growing up, we had easy access to blackberries, which grow like weeds on the island where we lived.  Despite my easy access to those, I’d never picked any other type of berry before – until today.

I live about a 10 minute walk away from Krause Berry Farms, and since today was a gorgeously sunny day, I decided to visit.  It’s a fabulous place!  I went in the early afternoon, which probably wasn’t the wisest idea, given that it was the first sunny and warm Saturday in a LONG time, so the place was packed.  Thankfully I was in no hurry, so the lines and ridiculous amount of people there didn’t bother me.

Since I arrived at around lunch time, and hadn’t had anything to eat, I decided to check out their “Porch.”

I ordered a slice of their corn pizza, a raspberry lemonade, and an iced berry doughnut:

The pizza was so interesting – I’d never had anything like this before.  It had corn, peppers and artichokes, and was very flavourful.  The lemonade was delicious and refreshing, and the doughnut was light and perfect.  The prices are very reasonable.

Once I was finished eating, I picked up a bucket ($1 to buy one of theirs), as I didn’t know that you could bring your own, and headed out to the fields.

According to the guy directing people where to pick, the fields were very picked over, but I had no trouble finding plenty of ripe and juicy looking berries.

I didn’t pick a ton, even though they were very reasonably priced, but I don’t need truckloads of them.

It was a fabulous afternoon, and I picked up a few other goodies in their store.  I’ll for sure be back once the blackberries are ripe.

This is a great place for families – the kids near me seemed to be having a blast picking their berries.  There’s even a playground right by the restaurant, a petting zoo (admission is $2) and carriage rides on weekends ($2/person).

If you’re looking for a local place to get some fresh berries and other home-made goodies, definitely plan for a visit to Krause Berry Farms.